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When calculating the Total Cost of Ownership  in a wholesale or multi-tenant colocation environment, you will find many various cost and  you’ll need to consider the following key cost drivers:

  1. Base Rent, Ramps and Annual Escalators
  2. Special area Utility Rate over the term of your lease/contract
  3. First year Sales, Use and  Cloud  Taxes
  4. Hardware and Software Refresh Costs and which hardware should choose
  5. Power Usage Effectiveness ratio

Let’s break down each one.

Base Rent, Ramps and Annual Escalators

In case of  first start most wholesale colocation operators offer either a triple net or modified gross lease option based on the electricity (kW) your data center will consume.

You will most likely not be consuming all of the electricity your data center needs on Day 1. Instead, like most data center users, you will “ramp-up” over the term of your contract. This ramp period may impact the price you pay for electricity.

Typically, In the Dubai ad Turkey market, it is common to find modified gross base rent in the $8-$10/kW range with a 1-3% annual escalator.

Utility Rate

Electricity rates varies greatly by market and can be influenced by the contractual agreements in place between the data center operator and the utility.  Its important to understand the rate you will pay as you ramp up and over the term of your contract.

Electricity rates in the Turkey and Dubai market range from $.035-$.05/kWh.

Sales, Use and “Cloud” Taxes

Cloud Taxes is zero

Hardware and Software Refresh Costs

The cost to outfit a single cabinet with the necessary hardware (servers, storage arrays, network infrastructure, cabling, power distribution and surge protection) and software can range from $50,000 to more than $500,000.  if we design and make integrated this cost drop 50%.

Power Usage Effectiveness

this is Uptime always 99% as  standard.

  August 4, 2021

Dellatek  and  Future Networks today announced a historic partnership to create the  Fiber Network also some.We will expand whole market to take opportunities on whole storage and network.

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