From the very site that witnessed the birth of fiber-optics in 1966 – this is help provides access to high-speed, secure and resilient connectivity via multiple major networks.

Whether your computing on large process and you need HA, fintech or high capacity artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads, we have the correct connectivity to keep you ahead of the curve.

Dellatek focus on Digital Cyrpto Curency

Dellatek Ramps-Up Hybrid scale Cloud Connectivity

Partnership further expands customer choices for low-latency, high-performance connectivity to cloud service.We will use Hitachi server for zero down time and providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.

All operator work with Dellatek services will go live at the Dellatek Campus in Q1, 2021 and very soon take very huge market in different area.

On-Net Providers

Network Connectivity

 This is important which area place  ideally positioned  your project nd density of users. so you need to measure ultra-low latency fiber routes.this is help you to give services dependency of solution as you know for example cryptocurrency use some idea for TPS.this is transaction per second and this is important to be smallest and shortest way to reach.

this is depend on project we can define connectivity  such as you are going to deliver Video or E-commerce or banking system each one have different solution.


Connectivity, Peering & Dark Fiber

Our aim is to provide a secure solution and resilient infrastructure to ensure minimum risks and maximum uptime. As a result, has built four state-of-the-art data centres within the  Dellatek campus offering hosting services tailored specifically to its prestigious financial and business requirements. Each data centre provides a minimum N+1 redundancy for each cabinet, delivering the highest levels of uptime availability to our customers.

Hyperscale Connectivity

Designated Opportunity Zone

World Class  Environment

At the heart of Data Centers is an independent risk-based regulator.

Low cost solution

Dark fiber exists between area want to be  connectivity rich data center interconnection hubs including .because of security we will  give  area to place this is depend on your system.

  • Telecommunicaton
  • Banking system
  • Digital money and private banking