Disaster Recovery Services

Delivering platform resilience with Continuous Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Managed Disaster Recovery solutions, to keep services online without disruption – backed by our private network.We are high expert on bank systems

Access our UK Service Desk 24 / 7 x 365 with a pre-agreed invocation plan focused around your dependencies and business priorities to streamline the recovery process – so you can focus on matters outside of the IT estate in a DR scenario.

We offer  security End to End solution and a sandbox to watch everything easy to check your system very close you with a sandbox IP (isolated) subnet where you can perform functional testing without impact to the production environment. Live failover tests can also be performed with minimal disruption.

One-to-Many feature allows a VM to simultaneously replicate to several other target locations while replicating a local copy. Simultaneously protect applications, VMs, and data – locally and to multiple remote sites – from logical failures, human errors, and malware attacks.

We remove up-front physical hardware costs associated with legacy infrastructure and provide the flexibility to scale resources as required. You’ll only pay for VM’s once spun up in DR which reduces costs as you’re not paying for unused resources.


Our Disaster Recovery solutions ensure IT failures and ransomware attacks do not affect your time, resources, and costs. It is designed to run across Exponential-e’s Layer 2 Network, guaranteeing optimum service levels and minimal disruption to your end users. To help you stay prepared for anything, one-click failover and failback performs recovery in seconds, enhancing the predictability of Recovery Point Objective (RPO).


Exponential-e has partnered with Zerto for leading BC/DR solutions – pairing the first enterprise-class, software-defined replication & recovery automation technology with our unique Cloud-Ready Network. The centralised management simplifies tasks, ensuring application availability is optimised.

Become a master of disaster as this Cloud-based solution enables automated failover and near-zero data loss.

The replication engine is installed in the host with a virtual appliance for source and target clusters, requiring no downtime or impact on performance. The Zerto Virtual Manager installs in minutes for central Disaster Recovery Management and VM-level integration. Zerto’s best-in-class solution also provides extended capability for additional uses such as DC moves, application migration, and hybrid Cloud management.

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See how easy it is to manage Disaster Recovery when you have complete and continuous protection with automatic failover using Exponential-e’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Assess your DR strategy

If advancing your DR strategy is causing complexity, gain recommendations from experts to improve your DR solution and evaluate your ability to meet business continuity objectives.

Server Replication Features

  •  01  Automated Disaster Recovery in seconds.
  •  02  Layer 2 Network Connectivity to the Data Centre.
  •  03 protects all mission-critical systems and applications.
  •  04  Built-in continuous data protection.
  •  05  Hardware, storage and application agnostic.
  •  06  Protect both physical and virtual environments.
  •  07  Offsite backup and replication.
  •  08  Meet High availability requirements.
  •  09  Simple hybrid Cloud management.
  •  10  Best-in-class platform.

Why Dellatek ?

A leader among UK DRaaS providers

A leader among UK DRaaS providers across a variety of use cases and verticals - currently protecting thousands of VMs in our environment.

Certified Cloud specialists provide detailed Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Certified Cloud specialists provide detailed Business Continuity Planning (BCP) to reduce the impact of any disruptive events on your business.

Provide a complete Business Impact Assessment (BIA)
Provide a complete Business Impact Assessment (BIA) to measure impact of disruptive events and determine a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) to mitigate this.
Dellatek have a demonstrable and certified DR process (ISO 27001, ISO 22301
Dellatek have a demonstrable and certified DR process (ISO 27001, ISO 22301), and have a breadth of experience through working with customers of all sizes across multiple sectors.
Low risk implementation and migration

Low risk implementation and migration through our team of dedicated Cloud Solutions Consultants, Delivery Experts, and our 24 x 7 UK Support Desk.

Fully managed Disaster Recovery services
Fully managed Disaster Recovery services where we manage the infrastructure to reduce customer touch time and administrative burden on in-house resource.
Complementary services available

Complementary services available to provide more strategic DR / BC solutions including private networking, WAN, SDN / SD-WAN, and Cyber Security.

Multiple public cloud environments managed
Multiple public cloud environments managed under our Cloud Management Platform (CMP) for the entire replicated estate.