Dellatek Technology

Data Centers

An adaptive reuse of the former State Line Generating Plant, the Dellatek data center campus in Beşiktaş/Istanbul and Dubai and  East Europe are  a short drive with a long list of benefits.

Data Centers In Turkey

  • Located on the Beşiktaş/Istanbul State border and less than 30 minutes from downtown Istanbul
  • Located on the Üsküdar/İstanbul State border and less than 40 minutes from downtown Istanbul
  • Located on the Kadıköy/İstanbul

Data Centers In Dubai

  • Located on the Building Near Airport - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • Located on the Festival City - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • Located on the Trade Centre 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Data Centers In Qatar

  • Located on the Umm Qarn, Qatar
  • Located on the Doha, Qatar

Coming soon in Lithuania

Small and Large Power

A dedicated onsite substation provides any energy size of capacity utilizing a distributed redundant topology. Dellatek is built to Tier concurrently maintainable standards and specialty  on payment process design in HA mode.

Multi-Modal Cooling

High-efficiency. Low carbon footprint.

Water Side Economization
High-performance environment for your mission critical IT infrastructure.
Simple cross-connect connectivity to the telecom or cloud provider of your choice.
Standard Cooling
Flexible Munters units automatically shift modes based upon load, offering industry-standard refrigerant-based cooling when ambient conditions require.

Data Halls

We are ready to invest any scale  feets of space in low cost in power and deliver security system in best cost.Its is possible and  available to host your IT infrastructure. any solution utilizes hot  supports up to 25kW per rack in safe mode. Multi-layered security and 100% uptime without scarified any quality.

We will invest near you

Located less than 8 fiber miles from 350 Beşiktaş in Istanbul, Dellatek clients have access to over 1,200 strands of dark fiber and simple cross connect connectivity to multiple, onsite Tier 1 carriers for sub 8ms roundtrip latency to hundreds of carriers and cloud on-ramps.this is nice for bank system to deliver best solution.

Designated Opportunity Zone

The Dellatek data center campus is located in Beşiktaş  Istanbul, which has been certified and designated as an Opportunity Zone by the Turkey and Dubai and east europe. Department of the Treasury.

100% Sales & Use Tax Exemption

Beşiktaş House Bill 1405, passed on May 5th 2019, establishes a 50-year sales and use tax exemption for the purchase of qualified data center equipment including hardware, software and electricity.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

We are looking for Data centers to build in lowest cost structure.The Total Cost of Ownership at Dellatek is up to 50% lower than other markets. All Dellatek customers benefit from exemption from sales tax on IT hardware, software, electricity, and construction fit out work.

Adaptive Reuse

The Dellatek data center campaign  represents a transformation of the former State Line Generating to cover all customers requirements.

Green Power Choice

The Dellatek data center campus represents to transforming to use green power to avoid any pollution in environment.

Onsite Renewables

The data center campus will utilize solutions onsite like Solar Cell and Wind Turbine thats help human.

Innovative Cooling

A close loop and solution possible to help low power and use people solution in best case.This cooling method will help users avoid any disaster happen in Data center area or protect low cost solution to absorb heat from environment with latest technology.

Upcycled Materials

We will use as much as Upcycled material to avoid any landfill that hurt environment seriously.

Smart Greenhouse

Dellatek has partnered  with Cell operator to give service in edge for 4G and 5G.We can deliver best solution on this area to convert heat of Data centers to green house.